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Walker’s Shortbread

Walker’s Shortbread is the first brand that Hartziotis Trading imported into the Cyprus market back in 1983. Walker’s was founded in 1898 and is now the leading brand of food exported from Scotland. It remains to this day a family-owned and managed business. Walker’s bakes the world’s finest shortbread, traditional cookies, cakes, oatcakes, and puddings which can now be found in over 80 countries. Walker’s products contain no artificial flavorings, colorings, or additives. The company has received the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement three times, “the highest accolade given to British exporters.”


Walkers Shortbread Fingers 150gr

Shortbread Fingers – 150gr

Walkers Shortbread Highlanders 200gr
Shortbread Highlanders – 200gr
Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread 175gr
Chocolate Chip Shortbread – 175gr
Walkers Shortbread Triangles 150gr
Shortbread Triangles – 150gr
Walkers Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Shortbread 150gr

Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Shortbread – 150gr

Walkers Vanilla Shortbread 150gr

Vanilla Shortbread – 150gr

Walkers Pure Butter Almond Shortbread 150gr

Almond  Shortbread – 150gr

Walkers Mini Shortbread Fingers 125gr
Mini Shortbread Fingers – 125gr
Walkers Mini Shortbread Rounds 125gr
Mini Shortbread Rounds – 125gr
Walkers Chocolate-chip-shortbread snacks 40gr
Chocolate Chip Shortbread Snack Pack – 40gr
Shortbread Fingers Snack Pack – 28.4gr


Walkers Belgian Chocolate Chunk Biscuits 150gr
Belgian Chocolate Chunk Biscuits
Walkers Chocolate-chunk--hazelnut-biscuits
Chocolate Chunk & Hazelnut Biscuits
Walkers Stem Ginger Biscuits 150gr
Stem Ginger Biscuits
Walkers Toffee and Pecan biscuits 150gr
Toffee & Pecan Biscuits
Walkers-Quadruple-chocolate-chunk-biscuits 150GR
Quadruple Chocolate Chunk Biscuits


Walkers Scottish Biscuit-assortment 500gr
Biscuit Assortment – 500gr
Walkers 6 Mince Pies 372gr
Mincemeat Tarts – 372gr
Walkers Ferstive Shapes Shortbreads 350gr
Festive Shape Biscuits – 350gr
Rich Fruit Pudding