Etsu Handcrafted Japanese Gin

Etsu Gin is handcrafted on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. A sophisticated distilled gin, with a selection of high-quality Japanese botanicals and fruits, that is an absolute joy to taste.

Featuring a harmonious blend of floral notes, ETSU presents a collection of four authentic, invigorating, and refined gins, each crafted from a distinctive recipe to deliver a truly refreshing experience

Hartziotis Trading Co Ltd, takes great pride in bringing these delectable, flavorful gins to Cyprus, ensuring that enthusiasts across the island can indulge in its exceptional taste and quality.

Etsu handcrafted gin 200ml

Handcrafted – 200ml

etsu handcrafted gin n

Handcrafted – 700ml

Etsu handrcrafted Gin 1,75ml

Handcrafted – 1.75L

etsu double yuzu gin n

Double Yuzu – 700ml

etsu japanese gin handcrafted pacific ocean water

Pacific Ocean Water – 700ml

etsu double orange gin n

Double Orange – 700ml


Baloon Glass Pack – 700ml


Double Orange Glass Pack – 700ml