Schneider Weisse Beers

Schneider Weisse, the celebrated German beers are available in Cyprus through the import and distribution efforts of Hartziotis Trading. With a rich brewing tradition dating back to 1872, Schneider Weisse is renowned for its exceptional wheat beers that epitomize the craft and expertise of Bavarian brewing. As Cyprus’ exclusive purveyor of Schneider Weisse, Hartziotis Trading invites you to experience the authentic taste of Germany’s finest brews. From the classic Original TAP7 to the Aventinus Eisbock, our selection offers a spectrum of flavors that cater to both seasoned beer enthusiasts and those new to the world of craft brews. Immerse yourself in the unique aromas, distinctive yeast character, and unparalleled quality that define Schneider Weisse Beers.

Explore our collection, imported and distributed with care by Hartziotis Trading, and elevate your beer-drinking experience with the unparalleled craftsmanship of Schneider Weisse. Prost to a taste of Bavaria in Cyprus!


Tap1 Meine helle Weisse – 50cl


Tap7 Mein Original – 50cl


Aventinus Eisbock – 33cl


Tap1 – 20LT KEGS