Countre milk products in Cyprus

Drinking milk is now even more fun with Countre’s flavoured UHT milk which comes in four tasty flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla. Also available in full and semi-skimmed (half) milk without flavours. Our flavoured UHT milk is fortified with calcium and vitamins which makes it a delicious and healthy treat.

UHT Milk

Countre Chocolate

Chocolate 50cl

Countre Vanilla

Vanilla 50cl

Countre Banana

Banana 50cl

Countre Strawberry

Strawberry 50cl

Countre full cream 1L

Full cream 1L

Countre half cream

Half cream 1L

	Half cream 50cl

Half cream 50cl

	Full cream 50cl

Full cream 50cl

Countre milk