Good food deserves Kühne!

Every family has its traditions – and we’re no exception. What began with a vinegar distillery in Berlin has developed into an internationally successful company. As one of the oldest brands in Germany, we placed great value on brand recognition very early on and in the green “Kühne cloud” we created an icon that stands for care and quality. Still with the original signature of company founder Carl Wilhelm Kühne, the Kühne logo represents the tradition of our family business. Kühne products are sold in 50 countries around the world and 1,500 employees work with care, dedication and commitment to the brand every day.


Kuhne Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar – 75cl

Kuhne White Wine Vinegar 50cl

White Wine Vinegar – 50cl

Kuhne Red Wine Vinegar 50cl

Red Wine Vinegar – 50cl

Kuhne Balsamic Vinegar 50cl

Balsamic Vinegar – 50cl

Kuhne Aceto Balsamico Vinegar Di Modena 25cl

Balsamico Vinegar – 25cl

Kuhne White Wine Vinegar 25cl

White Wine Vinegar – 25cl

Kuhne Red Wine Vinegar 25cl

Red Wine Vinegar – 25cl

Kuhne Apple Vinegar 25cl

Apple Vinegar – 25cl

Gherkin Relish

Tomato 35cl

Tomato – 35cl

Kuhne White Wine Vinegar 50cl

Sweet Pickle – 35cl

Mustard 35cl

Mustard – 35cl


Cocktail cornichons 212ml

Cocktail Cornichons – 212ml

Cornichons 370ml

Cornichons – 370ml

Kuhne Gourmet selection gherkins 580ml

Gourmet Selection – 580ml

Pickled gherkins 720ml

Pickled Gherkins – 720ml

Pickled gherkins 2650ml

Pickled Gherkins – 2650ml

Salad Dressings

Kuhne American Cesar 25cl

American Cesar – 25cl

Kuhne Balsamic 25cl

Balsamic – 25cl

Thousand Islands 25cl

Thousand Islands – 25cl

Vinaigrette 25cl

Vinaigrette – 25cl

American Cesar 50cl

American Cesar – 50cl

Balsamic 50cl

Balsamic – 50cl

Thousand Islands 50cl

Thousand Islands – 50cl

Vinaigrette 1L

Vinaigrette – 1L

Thousand Islands 1L

Thousand Islands – 1L



Hot and Spicy

Coarse mustard

Coarse Mustard

Red Cabbage & Saukraut

Sauerkraut 85cl

Sauerkraut – 85cl

Sauerkraut 37cl

Sauerkraut – 37cl

Red Cabbage 37cl

Red Cabbage – 37cl

Pickled Vegetables

Silverskin Onions 370ml

Silverskin Onions – 370ml

Red Beets 370ml

Sliced Beetroot – 370ml

Hot Green Peppers 370ml

Hot Green Peppers – 370ml

Kuhne Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes – 375ml

Made for Meat Sauces


Sriracha Chili – 235ml


Smoked Pepper BBQ – 235ml


Chipotle Burger Style – 235ml

kuhne pickled gherkins photo