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Bandoeng 22 Pandan Liqueur

Bandoeng ’22 Pandan Liqueur: A Dutch delight with an Asian twist, Bandoeng ’22 is an award-winning premium liqueur crafted from distilled pandan leaves combined with well-known Asian herbs and spices. Pandan leaves, commonly used in Southeast Asia, impart a unique flavor and aroma to desserts, drinks, and savory dishes. The aroma is described as nutty, sweet, floral, and grassy all at once.

Flavor Profile: Bandoeng ’22 boasts a well-balanced taste, featuring vanilla, nutty, and almost flowery notes. It’s a versatile ingredient beloved by bartenders and chefs alike.

Whether sipped neat, mixed into cocktails, or used in culinary creations, Bandoeng ’22 Pandan Liqueur brings a touch of exotic elegance to any occasion.
Hartziotis Trading is proud to serve as the exclusive importer and distributor of Bandoeng ’22 Pandan Liqueur in Cyprus.

Bandoeng 22 Pandan Liqueur 700ml

Pandan Liqueur – 700ml

Bandoeng 22 Pandan