Finest Call

Finest Call premium quality cocktail mixes are the highest quality and most bartender friendly mixes available anywhere. A carefully selected range is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Ltd.

Bar Essential

Finest Call, Sugar Syrup, 1L

Sugar Syrup – 1L

Finest Call, Single Pressed Lime Juice, 1L

Lime Juice – 1L

Fruit Purees

Finest Call, Strawberry Puree, 1L

Strawberry – 1L

Finest Call, Watermelon Puree Mix, 1L

Watermelon – 1L

Finest Call, Raspberry Puree Mix, 1L

Raspberry – 1L

Finest Call, Passion Fruit Puree, 1L

Passion Fruit – 1L

Finest Call, Wild Berry Puree Mix, 1L

Wildberry – 1L

Finest Call, Banana Puree Mix, 1L

Banana – 1L

Finest Call, White Peach Puree Mix, 1L

White Peach – 1L

Finest Call, Mango Puree Mix, 1L

Mango – 1L

Ready to Mix

Finest Call, Premium Bloody Mary Mixer, 1L

Bloody Mary – 1L

Finest Call, Mojito Mixer, 1L

Mojito – 1L

Finest Call, Margarita Mixer, 1L

Margarita – 1L