Maison Castel France

Maison Castel is the group’s signature brand which was named for the family and is the flagship wine brand for Hartziotis Trading. The Maison Castel brand brings together a complete range of wines, covering a full spectrum of flavours and the best of the classic French varietals, and showcasing the wealth and diversity of France’s terroirs and vineyard.

Produced to a particularly demanding set of specifications, these wines are made to appeal to a wide audience. Their labels proudly display the Castel coat of arms to indicate the Houses’ total commitment, and to provide a recognizable symbol of good, reliable French quality wines.

White Wines

Maison Castel Sauvignon Blanc 75cl
Sauvignon Blanc – 75cl
Maison Castel White Wine Chardonnay 75cl
Chardonnay – 75cl

Sauvignon Βlanc – 18,7cl


Chardonnay – 18,7cl

Rose Wines

Maison Castel Merlot Rose Wine 75cl
Merlot Rose – 75cl
Maison Castel Merlot Rose, 18,7cl
Merlot Rose – 18,7cl

Red Wines

Maison Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 75cl
Cabernet Sauvignon – 75cl
Maison Castel Cabernet Sauvignon, 18,7cl
Cabernet Sauvignon – 18,7cl
Maison Castel Merlot Red Wine 75cl
Merlot – 75cl
Maison Castel Merlot, 18,7cl
Merlot – 18,7cl

Sparkling Wines

Brut Chardonnay – 75cl
Brut Chardonnay – 20cl
Maison Castel Cuvee Rosee Wine 75cl
Brut Rose – 75cl
Ice Cuvee Blanche – 75cl
Maison Castel Ice Cuvee Rose 75cl
Ice Cuvee Rose – 75cl


Cotes de Provence – 75cl
Maison Castel Bordeaux Wine 75cl
Bordeaux – 75cl