Mathieu Teisseire Syrups

Mathieu Teisseire cyprus

Mathieu Teisseire syrups are some of the finest you can find anywhere in the world! With a rich and full of flavors 300 year history behind it, the company’s syrups are the best selling ones in France.

Hartziotis Trading imports and distributes in Cyprus the professional range of Mathieu Teisseire syrups.

0% Sugar Syrups

Teisseire Pink Grapefruit Syrup 0% Sugar
Pink Grapefruit, 60cl
Teisseire Lemon Syrup 0% Sugar
Lemon, 60cl


Teisseire Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry 1LT
Teisseire Passion Fruit Syrup
Passion Fruit 1LT
Teisseire Almond Syrup
Almond 1LT
Teisseire Caramel Syrup
Caramel 1LT
Teisseire Hazelnut Syrup
Hazelnut 1LT
Teisseire Vanilla Syrup
Vanilla 70cl
Teisseire Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate 70cl
Teisseire Cinnamon Syrup
Cinnamon 70cl
Teisseire Elderflower Syrup
Elderflower 70cl
Teisseire Lychee Syrup
Lychee 70cl
Teisseire Pear Syrup
Pear 1LT
Teisseire Cucumber Syrup
Cucumber 70cl
Teisseire Bubble Gum Syrup
Bubble Gum 70cl
Teisseire Rose Syrup
Rose 70cl
Mathieu Teisseire Cyprus

Mistral Gin

Mistral Gin
mistral gin

Mistral Gin is an exceptional rosé gin crafted in Provence, France. Characterized by fresh distinctive flavors and a fascinating hue of pink, it is an absolute delight to see, drink and enjoy its aroma.

Mistral Gin is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Ltd.

Mistral Provence Gin

Mistral Gin 70cl
Mistral Gin 70cl
Mistral Gin Provence


Pampelle logo

An aperitif made for you, only you, but also everyone else. Made with Ruby Red Grapefruits hand-picked in Corsica and crafted on the banks of the River Charente in France. Cheers your Spritz to an artisanal contradiction of bitter-sweet citrus & natural botanicals.

Pampelle is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Company Ltd.

700 ml

Pampelle Recipes

Pampelle recipe tonic
Pampelle recipe Spritz
Pampelle recipe French Negroni


Dolin Vermouth logo


Dolin Vermouth Dry
Dolin Vermouth Dry, 75cl
Dolin Vermouth Blanc
Dolin Vermouth Blanc, 75cl
Dolin Vermouth Rouge
Dolin Vermouth Rouge, 75cl




Dolin Bonal Gentiane Aperitif
Dolin Bonal Gentiane Aperitif, 75cl


Dolin Liquer de Genepy Chamois
Liquer de Genepy Chamois, 75cl